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Karmic Tattoo is one of Clearwater, Florida’s best tattoo shops. The shop is the second Karmic Tattoo, with the original being 20 mins south of Atlanta and just celebrated 20 yrs in business. The original opened in 2003 an just a little over 20 yrs, the Clearwater location is now open.  The studio has always focused on making sure that each and every customer is comfortable while still creating the finest tattoos imaginable.

The whole staff at Karmic Tattoo takes pride in producing tattoos of the highest grade using both modern and traditional techniques in a clean, safe atmosphere. Jeremy has over 25 years of professional experience. The artists at the shop dedicate themselves to true expertise and skill and have received professional training and licenses.

Professional Tattoo Artists in Clearwater, Florida

In Palm Harbor, Hullet Tattoo is your go-to place for tattoos. We are committed to producing high-quality work, and we consistently complete tasks on time and to the highest standards compared to other tattoo shops in Palm Harbor, FL.

Our team is comprised of tattoo artists who provide excellent, professional experiences for all of our clients. To ensure that you receive an amazing job, we only use the finest tools and materials

Tattoo Aftercare | What You Need to Know to Have an Awesome Tattoo

In spite of the fact that it requires a lot of attention, caring for a new amazing tattoo is a rather simple process. Poor tattoo maintenance will cause it to scab too much, and scabs are the enemy of any new tattoo. As tattoos start to scab, you run the risk of losing pigment, which would make the time you spent sitting in the chair pointless.

The best way to wash tattoos is with only your hands, hot, soapy water, and nothing else (washcloths, loofahs, sponges, etc.). Wash off anything that may have come in contact with your new tattoo as well as any dried blood or ink. Once your tattoo has been thoroughly cleansed, pat it dry with a clean towel or allow it to air dry in a hygienic environment.

This must be done three times a day for seven to 10 days or as your body sees fit. Everyone is unique and requires a different type of healing process.

Essentially, this is a general guideline that is safe and effective for getting a tattoo that not only heals properly but also has the vibrancy and boldness you would expect from a top-notch shop like Karmic Tattoo!

Health and Safety of Tattoo Shops in CLEARWATER, FL

Hygiene and safety are our top priorities since we take getting pierced and getting tattooed extremely seriously. We only use single-use, sterilized needles. According to federal laws, FL tattoo shops must throw their needles out right away after use, and they must be burned by a reputable medical waste company.

Every piece of used stainless steel equipment is thoroughly cleaned. After being sterilized chemically by ultrasonically soaking them, the equipment is put into an autoclave. This eliminates all viruses and bacteria (eg HIV, Hepatitis, etc).

Tattoo shops in Clearwater, FL throw away their disposable consumables into medical waste bins, and they use nitrile or latex gloves when holding them. Our ultraviolet sterilization cabinet maintains the sterility of all devices.

Everything that comes into contact with a client is either absolutely new and sterile or has been thoroughly sterilized. In our state-of-the-art tattoo shop, we sterilize all of our tattoo needles. Detailed aftercare instructions are also a part of our tattooing experiences, ensuring that your new look heals quickly and fully.

About Our Awesome Tattoo Artist | New Tattoo In Shop CLEARWATER, FL

At Karmic Tattoo in Clearwater, FL we follow tradition by providing the highest quality services to all of our clients. We provide the top tattooing services in Clearwater, FL.

The tattoo artist, Jeremy Hulett has decided to open up his own tattoo shop to offer a more unique and personal touch. Since 1993, Jeremy Hulett has done an amazing job tattooing in the Atlanta and Tampa Bay areas. Specializing in a variety of styles, from awesome bright colors to realistic black and white.

His expertise in the tattoo business and commitment to client satisfaction has earned him a stellar reputation among his devoted clientele and fellow artists.

Process of Getting a Tattoo or Matching Tattoos

We know that getting your first tattoo in Florida is nerve-wracking, so we’ve outlined the process between you and your artist:

  • Outline Your Design

Once you’ve chosen your design and talked with the shop’s artist, Jeremy, he will start to make a ditto or an outline for your skin, unless he is freehanding the design. Then, he will set up the tools and inks for your creation.

  • Prep the Skin

You will be guided to a chair or the artist’s station once you feel comfortable starting. It will also be necessary to clean and sanitize the tattoo area. You may also need to shave the tattoo area if it’s hairy.

When the skin is ready, the tattooist will place an outline of the picture on your skin. Usually, special papers and inks that resemble temporary tattoos are used for this. Before any permanent work is done, you will have the chance to approve the design’s placement.

  • Start Inking

After you are satisfied with the placement of the tattoo, Jeremy will pull your skin tight and start inking the design into your skin. Little needles are used in tattoo machines to apply the ink just below the skin’s surface. Similar to a sewing machine, the needles move quickly up and down.

Typically, the tattoo artist will draw a rough outline of the image in black ink, fill it in with color, and/or add shading. Also, depending on the necessity for fine lines, fill, or shading, Jeremy may change the type of needle used throughout the tattooing process.

  • How Long Does It Take?

Depending on the size and complexity of the design, inking can take a few hours to several days of sessions. A little design, such as a black tribal piece or a tiny black-and-gray floral, might just take 20 minutes. However, depending on the complexity, a larger piece or one with full color and details can take an hour to several hours.

Why Choose Jeremy Hulett at Karmic Tattoo?

Among the many artists and FL tattoo shops in Clearwater, we offer the best customer service along with faultless tattoos that will make everyone around you stare in awe. Contact us today to book your first session with our artists!